Python 2.7.x Interpreter

python interpreter

In this project, I implemented an interpreter for python 2.7.x using flex (scanner) and bison (parser). The interpreter was written in C/C++ and is capable of interpreting most of the Python 2.7.x language constructs.

UV Risk Detection and Prevention

UV Detection

This system is a set of wearable devices that inform the user about UV exposure rate. One device senses UV radiation and the other displays the UV radiation levels. The display device shows the current and average UV index.

Clemson Gameday Queue Warning


In a bid to assuage the impact of high level of traffic experienced on Clemson Gamedays, we modeled a custom queue warning system for use on game days using software Verification and Validation Tools and Techniques.

Autonomous Line Following Robot

Line Following

This is an autonomous line following robot built without a microcontroller. It operates on the principle of light reflection from a surface and can navigate without missing the track.

Custom ETL tool with Spark and ES


This project involves the creation of a custom ETL pipeline for extracting data from MSSQL database to Elasticsearch with Apache Spark. It also creates an Avro/Parquet file that is saved into HDFS for persistence. It can run on local environment as well as on spark cluster.